Graduate Networking Events In London: Everything You Need To Know

When, Where and How

Networking happens every day in many different places. It’s a great way to meet, engage and learn from like-minded people. But there is a knack to successful business networking. It’s not just about who you meet, but when, where and how you present yourself.

How To Deliver – Top 10 Tips

  1. Strong handshake and look the person you are greeting in the eye
  2. Have confidence in yourself, and in your passions
  3. Ensure you have knowledge around the relevant sector and subjects
  4. Come up with questions to ask professionals that will inspire conversation
  5. Know the background of the people you are meeting from LinkedIn or from their company profile so you can tailor your conversation
  6. Have a business card to give to the people you meet and connect with them on LinkedIn later (make sure your LinkedIn is up to date!)
  7. Don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals. If you enjoyed meeting them, message and tell them
  8. Be open to who you meet – the person may not be directly related to your interests, but they can still give you valuable advice
  9. Be yourself – being personable and natural will make you stand out
  10. Smile!

Meeting new people for the first time can be awkward! What do you say to someone you don’t know anything about? That’s where these good ice breaker questions come into play;

  • How did you hear about this?
  • Where do your main interests lie?
  • How did you get into x position with x company?
  • Where are you from?
  • What brings you to this event?

When And Where – Events In London

Here’s another reason why being in London as a graduate is great news for your professional career – the networking events!

What? Networking and Business Pitching

When? 19th July (every month around the same date)

Where? WeWork Moorgate, 1 Fore St, London, EC2Y 9DT

London Entrepreneurs Network hosts the monthly London Business Show where over 500 entrepreneurs attend to promote their ideas. Attend the event free of charge to hear from a range of people and sectors – if you’re looking to expand your network, this is a great way of meeting people and hear of the very latest, innovative ideas!

What? FSB London Women in Business

When? August 8th 2017

Where? Fleet Street Workspace. 154-160 Fleet Street, London, EC4A

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) presents this unique event focusing on women across London, giving you an opportunity to make connections with inspiring entrepreneurs. Although not a free event, this is certainly one to consider if you want to meet influential women (and men!) in industry. If you miss this one, check out their website for more updates.

What? Lean In circles

When? Ongoing

Where? Across London

Lean In was founded by Sheryl Sandberg in response to the ways in which women are held back. Since her book, this network has grown hugely and now operates in 150 countries. Lean In circles are group networks, which give women and men the opportunity to empower themselves. Network groups in London include The Lean In supper club, Graduate Women and the Digital Marketing group.

Check out their website for some incredible stories, and Sheryl’s most recent book ‘Lean In for graduates’.

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